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10" Nylon Brush
This 10" durable nylon cleaning brush is ideal for cleaning your pool or spa. Easily attaches to st..
Basic Spa Dispenser
For use in pool or spa Body made of PP which is impervious to most chemicals Foam filled floa..
Black Magic Jet Vacuum
  Cleans like magic with garden hose and filter bag. Works with or without a filter system. ..
Dirty Duck Water Cleaner
Prevents scum line formation, reduces filter clogging and removes surface contaminants as it floats..
Filter Savers
  Sized to fit inside your skimmer basket where it traps pollen, insects, pine needles and o..
Hand Scrubbers
  The Pool & Spa Scrubber multi-purpose scrub brush with molded hand grip, this handy cl..
Hand Scrubbers Nylon
Nylon The Pool & Spa Scrubber multi-purpose scrub brush with molded hand grip, this handy cle..
HVSB2PK 2-Pack Pool/Spa Scum Eliminating Reusable Scum Ball
Scum ball helps to eliminate scum and grime from pool or spa Specially patented foam absorbs 43..
Jet Action Cleaning Wand
Attaches to a garden hose to quickly clean FlexTubes, vetical grids, and cartridge elements with mi..
Pentair Spa Light, 60W, 30Ft


Due to government regulation, Pentair Water Pool and Spa, Inc. uses a more efficient 60W bulb that p..
  Pop two of these oil removing balls into your spa and say goodbye to "ring around the spa"..
Small White Corner Brush
  Stiff bristled tool for hard to reach places in the pool or spa. Fits on standard telepole..
Spa Disc
The Spa Disc should always be floating in your spa. It absorbs the oils from your skin and helps ke..
Spa Mitts
Pre-moistened, disposable mitts. Removes oils, dirt, scum, and waterline build-up. Safe for spa sur..
Surfin' Shark Floating Thermometer
Fahrenheit and Celsius Shatter resistant casing Non toxic liquid Tether included ..

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